Gameplay and Rules

Last Revised: April 18, 2017


  • Squad Up offers public free-to-play contests for cash or coins!
  • Any contest with more than one entrant will run.
  • Users may only enter once per contest.
  • Once a contest is filled, a new version of that contest may open up.

1-on-1 Contests

  • Squad Up offers free-to-play 1-on-1 Contests for cash or coins!
  • 1-on-1 Contests are completely free to enter with users playing with either friends or other Squad Up users.
  • Each participant in a 1-on-1 Contest spins the reward wheel to see what would be added to that 1-on-1 Contest’s prize pool.
  • Prizes available for 1-on-1 Contests include cash or coin prize randomly selected by the reward wheel.
  • The winner of the 1-on-1 Contest wins the prize pool.

Prize Structures

  • “Sure Winner” means that every contest entry receives a prize.
  • “50/50” means that 50% of maximum number of entrants win a prize and 50% do not.
  • “Top 3” means only players in the top three positions win a prize.
  • “Duel” means two players enter and only one player wins a prize.
  • "Top Dog" means that the entrant who finishes in first place wins 100% of the prize.
  • “Jackpot” means contests with the biggest prize pools available.
  • “Multiplier” means the entrant has a chance to win a multiple of their entry cost (e.g., three or four times).
  • “Double Up” means that the entrant has a chance to win double their entry cost (i.e., two times)

A description of the number and value of prizes is available in the prize structure posted in the details of the contest, which can be found by clicking on the respective contest in the Lobby (Play).


The number of entrants in a contest will vary depending on the contest type and day, ranging from two players to thousands of players. However, regardless of the size, users may only enter once per contest.