Gameplay and Rules

Last Revised: April 18, 2017


  • What is Squad Up?
    • Squad Up is the mobile-first game that makes daily sports fun again. Playing is simple and free.
  • How Do I Get Support or Contact You?


  • How Do I Create an Account?
    • Squad Up supports Facebook and email login.
    • When you login with Facebook or your email address, an account is created.
  • How Do I Change My Username?
    • Select your image in the upper left of the main screen.
    • Select the settings gear icon.
    • Select the option for editing your username.
  • How Do I Change My Picture?
    • Select your image in the upper left of the main screen.
    • Select the settings gear icon.
    • Select your icon image
    • Enable permissions to access photos
    • Select the photo you’d like to display

Winning Cash And Cashing Out

  • How Do I Withdraw From “Winnings”?
    • To make a withdrawal, you need to meet the minimum vesting threshold of $20 dollars by winning contests that offer cash prizes. You can track your progress towards the vesting threshold within the “Winnings” section of the app.
    • When you’ve reached the vesting threshold, go to the Winnings section and tap the “Cash Out” button.
    • The “Winnings” section is located in the upper right of the main screen.
    • Enter your email address.
    • You will then be sent an email providing further details on how to complete the withdrawal process.
    • All withdrawals are processed via PayPal only.
    • You may only withdraw the full balance of your winnings. Partial withdrawals are not permitted.
  • How Long Does it Take to Get My Withdrawals?
    • We work to process withdrawals as quickly as possible, but transactions can take up to 10 days.
  • Do I Have to Declare My Winnings on My Taxes?
    • If you are a U.S. resident and have won more than $600 on Squad Up, we are required to issue a 1099 tax form. You may therefore be required to submit your full name, address and social security number to Squad Up for these purposes.
  • I Didn’t Get My Cash Out Email. Now What?


  • When Do New Contests Open?
    • New contests open daily.
    • When a contest is full, a new iteration of that contest type may become available.
  • Why Can I Only Enter A Contest Once?
    • Squad Up is meant to be fun and casual, and as such, to maintain integrity of contests, multiple entries in a single contest by the same user are not allowed.


  • What Are Coins?
    • Coins are the in-game currency and are required to enter contests.
    • Coins have no dollar value and may not be transferred or exchanged.
    • You can claim additional coins for free each day, by winning contests that offer coins as prizes, by watching sponsored videos, or by performing other actions within the game.
  • I Didn’t Receive My Coins, Now What?


  • How Does This Work?
    • Gameplay is based on real life statistics that athletes accumulate. The outcome of your game is based off the players you selected performing better than those chosen by your opponents.
  • What Are Points?
    • Points are accumulated based on real world statistics from the athletes selected on your roster. Whichever team gets more points, wins. For example, Mike Trout gets 1 home run (16 points) and 1 run scored (3 points) for the day. That's a total of 19 points.
  • What is the Salary and Salary Cap?
    • Just like in real sports teams, you are constrained by how much you can spend in building your squad.
    • Salaries for athletes are set based on statistical projections from our data provider and our proprietary pricing algorithm.
    • Salaries for athletes can differ on a day-to-day basis. However, the price that you draft your athlete at will always be the same for all other users in the same contest.
  • Why Does a Player Salary Change from Day to Day?
    • Player salaries are determined based on their projected performance for that contest time period.
    • If a player is expected to outperform, they will have a higher salary.
  • How Do I Play With Friends?
    • Squad Up offers free-to-play 1-on-1 Contests you can play with your friends to win cash or coins!
    • You can visit friends’ profiles on Squad Up and compare your average and high scores or check out their scores in the leaderboard.
  • How Do I Invite Friends to Squad Up?
    • Go to the Friends section and click the Find Friends button.
    • This will open a list of options for you to invite your friends.
      • Facebook: This will open your list of Facebook friends, select your friend and follow the on-screen prompts.
      • Address Book: Upon giving permission, this will open a list of the contacts in your phone, select your contact and follow the on-screen prompts.
      • Share Link: This will allow you to send a link.


  • Can I Turn Off Advertisements?
    • Because Squad Up is free to play it is supported by advertising. For this reason, there is no option to turn off the ads in-game.
  • How Do I Report an Offensive Advertisement?
    • If possible, please take a screenshot of the advertisement you would like to report (by pressing the power button and home button and send it to so that we can investigate accordingly.